Betty Gorman


Social Worker

After finishing her Master's Degree at UIC, Betty Gorman took a part-time after-school job at Namaste because it was the 'right' school for her. She has gotten to do a lot of different tasks at Namaste since starting in 2012 and still loves that she gets to work with students in a setting that is thinking beyond math and reading and really focusing on the whole child and the adult that they are going to become.

What is your favorite place in the world and why?

My backyard in the summer - green grass, sun shining, fresh air, and all mine!

I feel my very best when...

I'm living in the moment and focused on the task/people in front of me.

What has been your greatest adventure?


What are you passionate about?

Working towards making the world a better place, one positive interaction at a time.

Who was your favorite teacher and why?

My high school math teacher/cross-country coach. When I was with her I felt 'seen'.